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Vestry Meeting with Bishop Shaw

Dear Friends,

As we begin a promising new year at St. Mary’s, the Vestry had an unusual opportunity to meet informally with Bishop Shaw this week to reflect on who and what we are as a parish and what our challenges and opportunities are as a faith community. While it is always helpful to stop, look and listen, it is especially important as we begin to plan for our 200th anniversary celebration in 2013.

This preparation calls us to reflect on our past and the wonderful contributions of the many that have brought us to the present. In turn, this next momentous point in our history causes us to think about the future…who we want to be and what is required as good stewards of the wonderful legacy left by our predecessors to insure a future that feeds the spiritual hunger of future generations. Personally this initial contemplation has opened my thinking about the intangible as well as tangible legacy we have been given and what our priorities might be for the next 25 years.

Bishop Shaw also shared with us some of the exciting programs and resources available through the Diocese, many of which hold promise for our own work and aspirations. It was especially interesting to learn of successes of the Diocese and individual parishes in meeting twenty-first century needs of Episcopalians and our greater community. We will keep the parish informed as our plans develop.

As the Vestry moves forward in thinking and planning, we will explore ways in which we can open this dialogue with the whole congregation. In the meantime, I invite you to begin reflecting on how you were attracted to St. Mary’s, what has kept you here and what your own hopes for our future are.


Mary Green

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