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We Welcome The Reverend Bailey Whitbeck and The Reverend Priscilla Wood

At tomorrow’s services (October 13) we welcome both the Reverend Bailey Whitbeck and the Reverend Priscilla Wood.

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church authorized the ordination of women in 1976 and St. Mary’s sponsored one of the first women ordained in the Diocese of Massachusetts. The Reverend Bailey Whitbeck was sponsored for the priesthood by St. Mary’s in the late 1970s and is coming back on Sunday to tell us her story.

We will also have with us the Reverend. Priscilla Wood who was also ordained about the same time in the Diocese of Newark. As we prepare to welcome the Reverend Ann Bonner-Stewart as our next rector, we are proud to celebrate our parish’s longstanding support of women’s ordination.

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